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Original Music for Video Games



Use my existing music, or contact me for something new.

Nearly all of the music I have produced is available for free download. All I ask for is that you credit me in your projects! The music that is NOT available for download is stuff that I have written for existing developers and their existing projects. The rest of my music (found in the "Free for Download" playlist) is simply original songs written to fit a scenario in a video-game, such as a fighting game character theme, a winter level in a platforming game, a trailer theme, etc. Feel free to listen to these tracks and find something that works for your project! You can get your project on my "Showcase" page on this website if you contact me and show me a project you used my music for! It's more exposure for you.

You could also contact me and see if I'm available to write music for your game for free (if you offer money, I'll probably be more motivated to make time to write). Everything - from deadlines to song length - is negotiable. I have some experience writing music for real game projects, developed by small-scale solo developers, so if you would like me to write music for your game or project, feel free to contact me at purplefreezer@gmail.com or message me on my Twitter. My music is also on YouTube.



You're welcome to

  • Ask me to add you to my mailing list for updates on my song uploads

  • Tell me about a project you used my uploaded music for so I can show it off on my Showcase page

  • Ask me if I'm available to write new music for a project you're working on (name your price)

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